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Arggghhh....foot injury!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

As I write this first blog on my marathon training, I am sitting on the sofa, foot elevated, with an ice wrap. Before I even got into full flow (I've reached 25km in training), I have a recurrent left foot injury that is calling a halt to my training plans. #disappointed

My training plan has been straightforward:

  • Run 3 times approx. per week. This may include a race (10km, half marathon, etc)

  • Per week: Do a circa 8km, 14km plus a long run.

  • The Long Run would be 20km most weeks

  • Except every 3rd week where it would be my longest distance + 2.5 km (eg. My longest distance is now 25km, so next long run is 27.5km)

  • Every 2nd to 3rd week, by adding 2.5km to my distance, I would edge towards my target of circa 36/37km pre-Marathon

  • Best run early morning before work, or late after work. Lunchtime runs do not work for me - I have a slow pace and I push myself too hard to hit a decent mileage due to lack of time (and maybe why I have an injury now...lesson learnt)

However, that is all now on hold. I am blaming two things:

  1. new trainers that I have slowly broke in, but all the same, are now impacting me

  2. going too fast on 2 different lunchtime runs (a 5km and a 8km) because I wanted to be back to my desk within the hour break (add in changing twice, showers etc it is a push!)

The damage is done. Over the past 2 weeks Christmas vacation, I have ran a 8km, 14km (in some pain), 21.1km (pain started at 11km and forced stop multiple times). After a 1.5 week rest, my attempt to run 14km today became 12km, with my foot nagging at me. I even paced myself dramatically thinking speed may be the cause (I am no Mo Farah, but speed is relative!) But still, the issue came.

So now I am looking for a physio, a gait analysis and contemplating whether I will travel to Sitges for the half marathon next Sunday. It is 9 weeks today to the Barcelona Marathon - my target, my dream. My first marathon. It is becoming unlikely I can do it. And this is why I am tempted by Sitges next Sunday. If I can do Sitges under the 2.5 hour time limit, I still have a shot at the marathon in Barcelona. But then again, if I do Sitges and cause further injury, the story is over before it began.

What is clear: to run the marathon, I need to up my distance to 27.5km in January, 30km early Feb, 32.5 km mid Feb, 35km late Feb minimum. Time is running out........Hmmmm..... #watchthisspace

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