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5km: The Family Run 2018, Barcelona

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

March 18th 2018: I'm always looking for fitness events to bring the kids. They don't train specifically - their whole life I guess is training, from playing to swimming to school sports - so I am not interested in competition for them. But I really want them to participate and experience a sense of achievement as they cross the finish line...the most special feeling of all, whether you are first or last!

I had not realised there were kids races connected to the Barcelona Marathon, so even though we were at the marathon expo the previous Saturday (my other half is a Marathon runner), we missed the entry to the kids races. We did watch them, and they looked like a lot of fun. So note duly taken for 2019.

But instead we were entered into the Family Run Barcelona. Now, the number collection was just off Las Ramblas on the Saturday, and that was a bit annoying. One difficulty with races is spending 1.5 -2 hours of your Saturday going to collect race numbers. And it took me 10 minutes to find the location once I got to Las Ramblas, against the clock as the number collection was about to close. However, race collection locations will not suit everyone I guess and I did note on the Sunday morning a possibility to collect the race bags near the start line - a better option for next year.

My friend and I did the adults 5km race in the morning. Running around Parc de Ciutadella and onto Arc de Triomf, I was in awe of a very small boy (maybe 6) who was running much faster than me and was clearly going to finish comfortably!

My other half brought the kids just as we finished, as they prepared for their race. They were so excited with their run t-shirts and bibs. There were various age groups for running, and finally it came to their turn. We ran with the kids and had great fun. While my daughter was only 2 years and 2 months old, she ran with determination....until she decided to pose for photos standing up for some of the crowd before she hit the finish line...she was having so much fun! My son had been sick that week, so once he got to circa 50 metres, he needed help. So I ran with him in my arms and we crossed the finish line together. The children were given medals (as were the adults in fact!) and there was water supplied to everyone at the end.

The children had a ball, the adults had loads of fun, and we will certainly be back in 2019 to enjoy a nice family morning together!

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