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10km: Cursa de Poblenou 2018

September 9th 2018: You are probably starting to see a trend in my posts. My work and travel schedule really inhibit my fitness plans (maybe if I was more committed, for sure, I could balance them all!) But here we go again: You know one of those races where you really haven't trained, and then you get a rude awakening on why you are supposed to train? That was for me the Cursa de Poblenou.

Coming straight after the summer break, with all the upheaval the month of August brings to the fun runners training schedule (more time spent on planes and in car rentals than hitting the pavement!), I hadn't ran in 2-3 weeks. The race started at 8:30am, which should have warned me enough about how warm it could get, even if the weather wasn't magnificent on that day. Kitted out in shorts and running vest, I felt I was perfectly dressed (I already knew not to wear the official race t-shirts in the warmer months...I totally overheat!)

The collection of race bibs was very well organised, and I collected for myself and a friend on the Friday evening. Cycling to the race was an enjoyable experience around 8am on the Sunday morning, and there was a nice crowd warming up, running up and down the surrounding streets (I have never warmed up, fearing I would use all my energy in a warmup...lol...but maybe some day I will reach that level!)

The race started on time, and as usual, I went out too fast (I am now slowly learning to pace myself and not follow the crowd). I did well on the first 5km loop, although I found it incredibly tough, I kept moving. However, at the refuel stop, I took a bottle of water and made what I now know to be a cardinal mistake for myself: I poured water over my head.

I immediately felt sick and thought I would have to stop running. I pushed on, slowing down somewhat, telling myself 'You started, you have to finish'.

(It wasn't until the following week at Le Merce 10km that I realised that throwing cold water over myself is a guaranteed bad move - I think it may be changing my body temperature suddenly but not sure. It makes me want to get sick and completely sluggish)

My other half and the kids were there to see me on the second loop, and began cycling beside me on Gran Via. In the end, I had to tell them to meet me at the finish line, as it was ruining my "fun running mojo" (i.e. all I wanted to do was hit the sofa with the kids and a cartoon...why the hell was I running a 10km on a Sunday morning??! lol)

Refuel Stops: there was a water refuel at 5km, bottled water

Inclines: There was one incline on each circuit to join Gran Via

Course Design: This was a double loop of 5km each but with plenty turns so it didn't feel boring

Race Entertainment: There was good race entertainment (music, drumming, etc) and a number of spectators.

I felt like I was one of the final runners on the route, crossing the finish line at 61.5mins, recording 10.13km on the Garmin.

N.B. Really nice touch, but at the end of the race, there was bocadillos botifarra (sausage baguettes) for the finishers. When I gave mine to share between my two children, one of the race helpers came and offered me more. The race had the 'feel good' factor in buckets, with other great treats on the finish line including ice creams and drinks. It really felt like a community race and I look forward to joining it again next year - but next time, trained and finishing in a sub 60!

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